Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Finally Have A BBB Auto Line Decision...So What's Next?

Do you have a case currently pending with the Better Business Bureau ("BBB") Auto Line against your motor vehicle manufacturer?  If so, then at the end of the case your arbitrator will issue a decision and you will be given 14 days to accept or reject the decision.  The form that you will be asked to sign will likely look similar to the BBB form found here
In my own experience, I have seen BBB Auto Line arbitration decisions which award the consumer something different than what they might be entitled to under the letter of the law, and in some instances, something less than they would be entitled to under the letter of the law.  For that reason, and others, the decision whether to accept or reject a BBB Auto Line decision should not be taken lightly. 
Before accepting or rejecting the arbitrator's decision, you should read it carefully and consider speaking with a local lemon law attorney in your state if the decision awards you something less than what you want or what you think that you are entitled to. 

Seeking legal advice before accepting the BBB Auto Line decision will allow you to make an informed decision and proceed with a lawsuit in Court against the motor vehicle manufacturer if warranted or necessary.  On the other hand, if you seek legal help after accepting the arbitrator's decision, in most cases it will be too late to change your mind.  Typically, by accepting the decision, you will be bound to the decision unless the manufacturer fails to comply with the decision itself, which is not likely.  In such a circumstance, you cannot file a lawsuit in Court of you change your mind.

Not sure whether to accept give up your legal rights and accept your BBB Auto Line decision?  Consult an experienced Lemon Law attorney in your state.  To find one in your state, you can go to  But act quickly, especially if your 14 days are already ticking.  Also, for every legal right you have, there is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in court before your rights expire.

Good luck!

Beth Wells
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