Friday, August 15, 2014

American Idol for Car Dealers

Have you ever purchased a new or used vehicle and ended up with "extras" that you do not need or want such as "personal assistant", "environmental package", "etch", "key care", "pro-pack", or "credit life"?  If you don't pay close attention, you could be paying thousands of dollars for these "soft add ons" that you simply don't need.  

Unfortunately, this is the direction that a lot of car dealers are going in to make money.  In fact, a car dealer magazine now sponsors F&Idol, a competition between car dealer finance managers nationwide to see who is the best and brightest at selling products for leasing, vehicle service contracts, tire and wheel, key replacement and more.  The competition is scored based on the following categories: (1) transition statements and overall flow, (2) customer rapport and engagement, (3) product disclosures, (4) product knowledge, (5) personal stories and testimonials, and (6) objection handling.  

Car dealer finance managers must submit a video of themselves selling a “soft add on” product before the August 20, 2014 deadline to be considered.  Then, winners will be chosen for each category, awarded $1,000, airfare, and a 2 night stay at Paris Las Vegas.

Category winners will professionally re-shoot their winning entries and the videos will be posted online, where magazine readers can cast their vote on the overall winner. The winner will be announced in the November 2014 magazine issue, and will receive a $2,500 cash prize, along with the coveted industry title "F&Idol".

If you paid good money for “soft add ons” that you had no idea that you were even purchasing until you walked out of the dealership, and need help, contact an attorney who practices in Consumer Law or Auto Fraud in your state.  If you need help in Ohio or Kentucky, click here and let me know about it.  We fight car dealers in Ohio and Kentucky every day and will get right to work fighting that car dealer for you.

Beth Wells
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