Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Genesis-- The New Hyundai Luxury Brand

Last week Hyundai Motor Co. announced plans for its new automobile luxury brand, Genesis.   This split has been rumored among industry watchers for years, similar to the two-channel strategy already developed by Honda (Acura), Toyota (Lexus), and Nissan (Infiniti).  Genesis is expected to compete directly with these luxury brands.
The Genesis lineup will reportedly span a total of six vehicles by 2020: the G90 sedan (replacing the Hyundai Equus), the G80 sedan (replacing the Hyundai Genesis), the smaller G70 sedan, a coupe, a mid-size crossover, and a larger SUV.  Hyundai Motor Co. has described the brand’s design as “athletic elegance”, and it plans for Genesis to "compete with the world's most renowned car brands."

Genesis will reportedly receive its own emblem (similar to the winged badge), a separate customer service experience, and its own design studio with former Bentley and Lamborghini designer Luc Donckerwolke at the helm.
While Hyundai Motor Co. has made clear that it will "distance itself from the traditional technological overload of brand-focused competitors", it is borrowing its alphanumeric naming structure (i.e. G90, G80, G70) from luxury automakers like BMW, Cadillac and Infiniti.  

Just days ago, Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled a rendering of the Genesis G90, describing it as “elegantly designed” and “technology packed”.  The rendering depicts a low sitting sedan with a long, dignified hood, narrow greenhouse, a sloping, fastback silhouette, a large grille, futuristic headlamps, and wraparound taillights.  The G90 will go on sale in South Korea in early December 2015 as the EQ900.  Hyundai Motor Co. reportedly aims to initially sell the Genesis brand in Korea, North America, China and the Middle East.

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