Thursday, December 8, 2016

Transmission Problems with your Ford Truck or Sedan?

Do you have a Ford truck or sedan?  Does your Ford truck or sedan hesitate or shudder on acceleration?  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, and my own experience litigating lemon law cases, you are not alone!

Is your repairing dealership telling you that they cannot find a problem, or that the problem you are having is normal operation?  If your answer is yes, don't lose hope!  Continue to take your Ford truck or sedan in for repairs.  Keep a diary in the car of when the problem occurs and what happens.  If you have any near miss accidents, make sure to include those. Obviously, wait until your car is parked and you are in a safe location to make the diary entry.  These diary entries may help you get some traction at the dealer.

Still having problems after 4 repair attempts?  You may want to call Ford direct and ask Ford to take your vehicle back and give you your money back or to make it right in some other way.  Make sure to tell the Ford representative about your diary, near accidents, and repeated repair attempts.  If the vehicle makes you feel unsafe to drive, then tell the Ford representative so!

Ford still won't do anything?  If the vehicle was purchased or repaired in Ohio or Kentucky, then you can call Burdge Law Office on our Toll Free Hotline, 1.888.331.6422, to see if we can help you out of your "lemon" vehicle.

Beth Wells
Helping Consumers Get Rid of Lemons, 12 Years Running

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