Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Car Repair for the Female Consumer- Part 3: Dropping the Vehicle off for Repair

Step 3: Dropping the Vehicle off for Repair

On the day of the appointment, make sure to bring your defect diary with you to the dealer, as well as any photographs or videos. When you arrive at the dealer, the service advisor greeting you will most likely have a repair order ready for you to sign based on the information you previously provided by telephone.   

Whether the repair order is already complete or is completed at the time of your arrival, read it over carefully to make sure that every defect and every circumstance is listed before signing it. If you have a photograph or video, make sure that it is referenced on the repair order as well. Take your time and don’t let the service advisor rush you. If there is anything missing, ask the service advisor to add that information and reprint the repair order. Remember, the repair order is your only direct contact with the mechanic, and the more information you give the mechanic, the more likely the repairs will be successful.

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