Monday, July 15, 2013

Buying A Used Car - STEP 4

Step 4 - Get a Written Appraisal for your Trade-In

If you plan to trade a vehicle in on the deal, then make sure to get a written appraisal from one or two other dealerships first.  You may be able to use that written appraisal later in negotiating a higher trade-in allowance on the deal.

One dealership that does written trade-in offers is Carmax.  Their offers will typically be good for 7 days and are often very reasonable.  To find a Carmax dealer near you, click here.  You can also go to a local dealership for your make of vehicle and see what they are willing to offer you.  But, they may or may not be willing to put it in writing.

What do you need a written appraisal of your trade-in for?  Later, when you have made a decision to purchase a vehicle, and the allowance for your trade-in comes up, it may come in handy.  For instance, if the dealership offers you less for your trade-in than the written offer or offers that you already have, show the written offer or offers to the dealership.  Chances are you can get them to offer more money for your trade-in if you are armed with one or more written appraisals.

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