Monday, August 19, 2013

Spartan Industries, Inc. recalls commercial truck due to "inadvertent engine shutdown"

Spartan Industries, Inc. has recalled about 330 model year 2012-2013 Utilimaster Reach commercial trucks.  According to Spartan Industries, Inc., the vehicles have a software problem that may cause them to have inadvertent engine shutdown without warning, and possibly resulting in a crash.
According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration ("NHTSA") Spartan Industries, Inc. will notify vehicle owners directly, and its authorized dealers will replace the control modules in the affected vehicles free of charge.  Owners may also contact Spartan Industries, Inc. direct at 1-800-582-3454.

According to the Utilimaster website, the "aerodynamic" body of the Utilimaster Reach is built on an Isuzu diesel chassis with a 4JJI-TC 3.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine, and offers 35% better fuel economy than traditional walk-in vans.  The Reach is available in lengths of 12' or 14' and provides 540 or 630 feet of storage, plus up to 27 inches more headroom than a conventional cargo van.   
Do you have a 2012-2013 Utilimaster Reach that experienced the engine shutdown, has been in the shop for repairs, but is still not fixed?  If the vehicle was purchased or repaired in Ohio or Kentucky, then you can call Burdge Law Office on our Toll Free Hotline, 1.888.331.6422, to see if we can help you out of your "lemon" Utilimaster Reach.

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