Friday, August 23, 2013

VW Microbus To End Production After 56 Years

Volkswagen announced that it is ending production of its Kombi Microbus after a 56 year run in Brazil.  The final edition, called the Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition, will be made in just 600 copies, complete with a numbered plaque on the interior of the vehicle and a certificate of authenticity.
The original 1957 Kombi came equipped with an air cooled 1.2 liter flat-four engine, mounted in the rear, with 28 horsepower. By 2005, the Kombi was running on a 1.4 liter water cooled engine.  And, the current Kombi comes equipped with a 1.4 liter inline-4 that touts 78 horsepower on gasoline and 80 horsepower on ethanol.  Certainly a dramatic boost in horsepower since the 1950s!
The Kombi Microbus has not been available in the United States for some time, but it has been a cheap and cheerful staple of transportation in Brazil.  Unfortunately, emissions and safety standards in Brazil have caught up with the Kombi and forced Volkswagen to end production of its legendary model once and for all.

The Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition will be sold only in Brazil for 85,000 reais ($35,637) and will come with a light blue and white paint job, whitewall tires, white wheel caps, tinted windows, blue side rear curtains with the Kombi logo, blue and white vinyl seats for up to nine people, and a modern stereo system that uses LED accents and has the capability to use USB or MP3 inputs.

While the Kombi has certainly stood the test of time, it has sadly been unable stand the test of modern safety and emissions standards in Brazil and elsewhere.  Goodbye Kombi, we'll miss you!

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